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My name is Kate Bartkevichus I am certified make-up artist, a specialist in permanent make-up and ethical dermopigmintation. A repeated participant of Beauty exhibitions in Baltic countries. I continue mastering my skills in different seminars and master classes. In my job, I always rely on mutual understanding and coloration with clients. I make procedures with modern and high-qualified equipment, anti-allergic paints with an anesthesia obligatory. I am absolutely sure there are not non beautiful women and each of my clients is prove to this. Visit my consultations and we together will create you a new inimitable look.

To be beautiful? And who is able to forbid!


Information for clients

What kind of specialist you have chosen (there are plenty of them now) I would like to warn you about some precautionary measures. So, let’s start.
1. Recommendations about the specialist. If you have made up your mind to have permanent make-up, choose the specialist who your friends have visited. Look through his portfolio. Photoshop is simply identified. Unfortunately, some so called specialists copy photos of others presenting as theirs. In this case your friends are able to have advise you to choose the right specialist. If you visit the first one chosen on random, pay your attention to the following facts.
2. You should examine his diploma and certificate. It will not embarrass the real specialist, but a novice will supply you with different bloopers.

3. Pay your attention to equipment and paints, which the specialist uses. The prices for equipment might differ dramatically. From 20 euros for Chinese pencil to several thousand for excellent equipment made in Europe. A good specialist never uses cheap Chinese equipment or a machine for tattoo. Only working with professional equipment, you can achieve high quality.



Permanent make-up is a technology that allows to adjust the  facial features and eliminate the aestheticdefects. It is a unique ability which helps always look great, you don’t need any effort.

The case for permanent make-up.

First of all, permanent make-up is carried out in case where a woman wants to be constantly beautiful and she does not want to use cosmetics every day, or when she is not satisfied with the contours of her eyelids , eyebrows or lips.

Also permanent make-up assists those people who

  • have acquired or congenital defects such as scars
  • had undergone plastic surgery resulting the changed shape of the lips and eyebrows
  • with disabilities, visual impairments  that prevent them from self-applied make-up or with an allergy to cosmetics
  • sport or activity that need to have permanent make-up contours which are resistant to water  and sweat
  • women who have few or no eyebrows
  • women who wish to increase their lip volume, to give more expresion to their eyes
  • permanent make-up helps optically lift the corners of the mouth , eyes and eye-brows.

Permanent make-up is performed by using anesthetics which are specially produced for the procedures, except with the cases of permanent make-up beauty spots. Permanent make-up is not officially a medical service, and , therefore ,the the presence of  medical  education is optional , because in the course of work only intraoral anesthetic(special  cream) is used; but a master should have a medical permission  to work .And most importantly – all procedures are performed with sterileinstruments , disposable syringes and caps, because sterility is the best way not to harm the health of the client.

In some cases permanent make-up is contraindicated.
  •          People who suffer from diabetes
  •          Hepatitis
  •          Bad blood clotting
  •          If there are pustules on the face or a sty
  •          Pregnants on the first and last month of pregnancy
  •          People who have neurotic disorders
  •          During menses permanent make-up is not recommended
  •          In no case the areas of moles , birthmarks as well as scars , unhealed scares are completely affected.


Permanent make-up of eyebrows

Eyebrows are mostly changed , because clients are not satisfied with their colour , shape or thikness  an eyebrows shape might be forgiven by a person , while the graceful curve of a beautiful eyebrows make a person look younger and more attractive . By the way , some of the clients believe that  in order  to make permanent eyebrows it is necessary to shave or pluck their eyebrows. Perhaps some of the ‘’masters’’ do it (The stories must come from somewhere).

Dear ladies, if you come to such a ‘’master’’ , then the best option for you is to run away!

Before you start  , I always draw a sketch with a cosmetic pencil , trying not radically to depart from the client’s  own line , as well as take in account his wishes.

Permanent make-up of lips

While tattooing it is possible to draw the colour of the lips as well as to do a little shading or complete filling, basting.

First the colour shape of the lips is fixed , and then the final tattoo is applied.

A permanent make-up-lip performing lasts 1.5-2 hours.

Feathering  might be required if the eircut was made in order to enhance the shape of the lips- filling the gap between the colour of the painted and natural line of the lips.

Permanent make-up of eyelids

Everyone wants to have beautiful expressive glaze. Make-up of eyelids is an opportunity to highlight the natural beauty and remove small deficiency. Usually an upper eyelid is coloured  , but in the case of the client’s desire a bottom eyelid can be emphazezed  too. You can also be drawn the ciliary edge of the eyelid , creating the effect of lush eyelashes such make-up looks impressive on any face and is suitable for every eye. Especially make-up of eyelids is recommended to those who wear contact lenses or are allergic to cosmetics.

Other offers

Permanent make-up beauty spots.

All the possibilities of permanent make-up are designed to create attraction. Beauty spots create a certain emphasis on the face that gives a person a special charm. Apart from itsaethetic function , beauty spots might become a reliable cover of the skin surface. At the same time the form of a mole can not be corrected by beauty spots.

Permanent make-up of the area around nipples.

This  kind of make-up is often made to cover shape or demesions  of the colour .Natural size of the nipples may vary, sometimes for several centimeters. So it is possible to align the asymmetric location of nipples on the chest. After the procedure the nipples acquire make accurate shape and saturated colour which add a chest sexuality and attractiveness.

Excretion of tattoos and perm. make-up.

For this procedure I use a special cream Rejuvi Tattoo Remover.

This method is fundamentally different from others ( the laser) . Its main difference is based on the unique biochemical process to extract colour pigment but not to its fragmentation.


  •          Different colours of pigment are removable.
  •          Any types of pigment, regardless the sizes are removed.
  •          Simple , effective and the least traumatic method.
  •          It takes less than an hour to remove permanent make-up or a small tattoo.
  •          Relatively inexspensive method of tattoo removing comparing to the lazer.
  •          Removing is more painless comparing to the lazer technology , especially on a face.
  •          It is necessary 1-2 treatments for removing , and 1 procedure to lighten the colour of the pigment.
  •          The recently received results researched by the European Commission confirm the changes in the skin after the lazer , which can cause a carcinogenic effect ( increases the likelihood ofcancer).


Eyebrows 150 € 
Eyebrows shaping 30 €
Contour of the lips 80 €
Lip contour correction 30 €
Lip contour with shading 150 €
Correction of the lip contour with shading 30 € 
Eyes (upper  eyelid/black/colour) from 100/110 € 
Eyes (lower  eyelid/black/colour) 50/60 €
Eye correction 30 €
Beauty spots (Mole) 30 €
Halo 180 € 
Halo correction 60 €
Extretion of tattoos and
from 60 €
Correction of works by
other artists
from 60 €
Correction within a year (my works) 50 % of the initial price
Consultation 10 €


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